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You are my hero! You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find something like this online.

"All people have the instinct to decorate their surroundings.

But decorations and ornaments will only work when

they are properly made". 

Christopher Alexander - Architect

You may have spent hours making your own pergola.

Don't spoil it with too plain a finish to the pergola rafter tails - the one place that can make a world of difference. "The icing on the cake!"

Pergola Rafter Tails Assembly

                                              Print it. Cut it out and place the parts side by side to get the complete classical shape.

Print Two Parts of Pergola Rafter Tails. Place together and trace onto plywood or cardboard.

 Pergola Rafter Tails Template

Trace the  shape onto a  larger size piece of plywood or card.

Use a jig saw to carefully cut around the shape.

Completed Pergola Rafter Tails Template

Once you have cut out the template...

...trace this classical shape  onto each of your rafters.

This will keep your rafter tails in a neat line.

How the Pergola Rafter Fits onto Beam

Now carefully cut along the shape using a jig saw. Don't forget to sandpaper the cut edges. First use a medium sandpaper followed by a finer sandpaper for the best effect.

A Sample of 942 Pergola Width Requests

were put  in a graph - below - so you can see which are the most popular sizes. 80% of all requests came from the US and 12% came from Canada.

Notice that there are two results for 6" which have to be added together. [112 + 49 = 161]

Same for 9" [4 + 11 =15].

The Percentage column only relates to the particular box [A, B or C] and may not be relevant for you.

6" is clearly the most popular width followed by 5.5", 7.5" and 8".

The larger pergola widths from 9" to 11" are not so popular although 11" and 10" are the front runners here.

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