Pergola Design
To Create An Attractive Garden

Pergola design using plans and stage by stage pictures.

You will see how simple it can be to make a pergola and it takes little time.

And don't forget the classical pergola rafter tails first shown here ten years ago and...

...growing ever more popular. 

Thank you Keith Birch for a picture of his wonderful Grill Island Project below using this classical template.

Classical Pergola Rafter Tails

When building try following the steps in the right order.

You don’t have to use the same timber sizes. I used left over timber from building my house...

You may prefer square section timber, which is traditional for pergola posts.

If you have a larger garden, separate the posts more and use six or eight pergola posts.

A plan view helps us to see how the rafters are spaced regularly and helps us to get an overall feel for the design.

Build a pergola bench or use garden furniture. My benches are different heights to suit all members of my family.

Pergola plans are unlike other garden structures, such as the shed ,  and is very much a decorative addition. It's there to enhance what is in the garden at present.

The vines and flowers will look so much more attractive. The pathway that travels through the pergola will look more inviting. The conversations we have can be more intimate.

When you look along the path past the pergola make sure there is something interesting like a garden statue, fountain or seat in view drawing the visitor through the entrance.

 Pergola Design
Using These Easy Steps

1. Treating the posts and preparing the pergola footings. Treating the feet of the posts with preservative will make your structure last for years.

2. Making the pergola  roof – measuring and sawing.

3. Fitting benches. You don't need benches. But it's a very practical addition don't you think? You could even use a swing if you wanted to.

It's all about how to build a pergola.

Finally you can always also use...

... a classical rafter tails design that you can draw yourself. This classical design has been used for many centuries. It is a beautiful and romantic shape and you can learn how to do one yourself in just a few minutes.

We also have pergola rafter tails sizes showing all sizes from 4 inch to 12 inch rafter widths including a chart showing the most popular width requests. 

If you want to save time you can order your free pergola rafter tails template customized to fit your rafter size.

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