Norwich Painting Cost Estimating Using Example of One Room

Painting cost estimating for one room in Norwich involve:

1. Calculating the cost of labour.

2. Cost of paint for the room.

3. Extra costs such as tool hire.

Calculating the cost

Begin by calculating the area of the ceiling, walls, door and length of the skirting.

First Draw a plan of the room

Painting Cost Estimating
For One Room

In my example I use a 6m by 4m room.

Ceiling area is 6 X 4 = 24 square meters.

Unfold the walls as shown. Area of the walls is 20 X 2.4 = 48 square meters.

Length of skirting is about 20 meters. [No need to allow for the door]

Area of the door is 2m X 0.8 meters = 1.6 square meters.

Length of Door Frame is 2+2+0.8 = 4.8 meters. [Door not shown]

For painting cost estimating
Use composite figures

For all my jobs in Norwich I use composite figures for quick calculations

Multiply each unit cost by the area or length - whichever is relevant. In the first box the area of the ceiling is 24 square meters. So multiply:

  • 24x0.37= 8.8 man hours.08
  • 24x3    = £72 Net Labour Price
  • 24x1.08= £25.92 Net Materials eg paint and brush costs.
  • 24x4.08= £97.92 Net Unit Price. Check by adding £72+£25.92.

If we now add up under all the headings we get:

  •  Room decorating will take 27.50 hours.
  •  The price of paint and other materials is £85.47

  •  The total cost will be £341.52

These figures are only a guide to house painting cost and subject to change. But they may help you to see how costs break down - especially if you are decorating on a budget. They do not include VAT on materials.

Choosing The Right Paint For The Room

For interior paint ideas a white or off-white ceiling will always add a bright appearance to the room. Don’t forget to complete the ceiling first or you may splash the walls.

Think seriously about different paint finishes when you are room decorating.

For your bedrooms why not try eco paints. You don’t want to be breathing in chemical smells all through the night. Eggshell or matt will make a good finish.

When you are decorating living rooms pile the furniture up in the middle of the room and cover with a dustsheet. You will find it easy to access most of the ceiling area like this and it is so quick.

You’ll probably need soft sheen or vinyl matt paint for the living room. For the kitchen use a vinyl silk so you can wipe off dirty finger marks.

Choosing The Right Tools

For large areas of wall use a roller. Although it uses 15% more paint it takes 15% less time. 

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