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ZOOM 1  Fittings

For Zoom 1 model boat hull fittings use a 3100 turnigy motor, a 120 sea king esc, running gear from ebay, 100 or 95mm rudder (ebay),0.150” flex drive & coupling - Model Marine Supplies - and a 35mm prop running 3s lipo.

Balance point 180mm  (30%) from stern.
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ZOOM I Layout

With 700BB 8.4V. Balance point 180 mm from stern.

Ebay 95mm or Prestwich Models rudder (EM80), Octura X445 prop & diy turn fin.

ZOOM I with Mega 2000kv  brushless, Octura X440 prop & cooled Emax ESC

Central rudder position and longer shaft

Central rudder position and longer shaft

Zoom  Model  Boat Hull Fittings Details

With 2 turnfins and 75mm rudder

ZOOM 2/3/4  Model Boat Hull Fittings

Motor: (this is an Etti 4100kV on 2s lipo but the 28mm dia Leopard ones are good – also the Dr Mad Thrust from Hobbyking and the black one,with jacket,on ebay). 

Cooling jacket or coil

Shaft coupling 4mm to 0.150” flexi (Astec models).

ESC: Seaking 90A or 120A or similar (ebay). 

Marine Modelling Supplies flexishaft 0.150”flex.3/16”stub.4mm thread plus a length of teflon liner.

3/16” lead/teflon bearing (from Winnisall/Prestwich or ebay) which is a push fit in 9/32”brass tube – the step down to ¼”. 

Alternatively, you could use a 4mm setup (coupling,flexi,stub,thread & bearing) from ebay

75 or 100mm boat rudder (ebay). 

Graupner 36mm  hydroprop (Cat.No. 2318.36)

Turnfin - ebay or make one. 

For 3s lipo use a motor around 3000 kV (like the Mad Thrust 3000kV or Leopard 2860 3400kV) and 34.5mm or 33mm prop. 

Balance point 180mm from stern. 

NB: not a toy – it will be quick.

Zoom RC Electric Model Boat Race

Mats RC Zoom 3 Boat

Zoom 3 Fast Electric Boat Run 2

The First Electric Power Boat Race of 2016

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