How Much Does House Paint Cost in Norwich? 

Recent house paint cost in Norwich?  See below.

Are you looking for paint suppliers who will give you a discount for your chosen paint selection?

I've listed some Norwich stores here.

It may help you to look around and compare prices.

24th June 2018

Dulux Decorator Centre

30% Discount during month of June.

Dulux Trade u/Coat Brilliant White 2.5l   £14.99 + vat

Dulux Trade Gloss Brilliant White 2.5l       £14.99 + vat

Dulux Trade Gloss Jungle Drums2  1l          £12.44 + vat

9th October 2017


Dulux White Matt Emulsion £15 per 5 litre and £20 per 10 litre tub.

We've had a leak in the kitchen so got Anglia Homeserve out to fix leak for no cost apart from insurance premium. I've got to clean up flooring.

Fibre board 48"x24"x1/8" £6.45.

6in1 Stapler £33 and spare set of 10mm staples £5.15

25th April 2017 


Home of Colour 2.5l Magnolia Matt  £10.00

Polyfilla Decorators Caulk White £4.79

2nd February 2017


Woodstain  £ 21.00

30th January 2017


Just picked up 1litre Redwood Classic Sadlin for £20.22 against normal price of £23.79. Will be used ouside for painting customer's extension. The temperature has to be above 8 degrees C to use Sadlin so no painting possible today. Thusday and Friday are better for starting.

8th November 2016  


Polycell filler     £7.99

19th October 2016

B&Q Hall Road Norwich

Dulux Once White £21.87 per litre.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt  £27 for 7.5 litre tub

Dulux White matt emulsion £14.92 5 litre

28th September 2016


5 ltres Dulux Pure Brilliant White Matt £15. I highly recommend this for covering the walls well.

75ml Dulux Once [white] £17, 1 litre Dulux wood primer/undercoat £17, Frog masking tape £5


7.5 litres Dulux Trade vinyl matt Magnolia. £21.65 but you have to add on VAT. So although a bargain it was not such a good bargain as I first thought. This was confusing. Home Base and B@Q give the full price upfront.

No shops had a sale on today.

 Paint Cost At Homebase

Sprowston 0845 640 7059
Hall Road 0845 640 7176

I have always found Homebase a useful store. There is a definite emphasis on the DIY customer. They have a large selection of Farrow and Ball paints.

They are very good on 3 for the price of 2 offers on Dulux paints and Crown etc but not Farrow And Ball whose prices are consistent from shop to shop.

Shush Top Secret: Just recently I have noticed discount rates for Farrow and Ball so they are coming into line with all the regular paints hopefully.

House Paint Cost At B&Q

Boundary Road Hellesden 01603 269000


Hall Road 01603 628731

Large sizes of Magnolia and Brilliant white emulsion at discount prices. The quality paints cover better and are more expensive. I haven’t seen any ecopaints yet.

 Paint Cost At The Dulux Centre

Whiffler Road 01603 429295

A specialist store. Their better wood fillers are designed for use in the preservation of old buildings and are used by builders working within the Cathedral Close. See their range of paints.

House Paint Cost At Paint And Paper

Drayton High Road 01603 400777

Specializes in designer eco paints and wallpapers. As I go on my rounds I notice more and more people choosing these paints. They are double the price of normal paints and a third coat is sometimes recommended on external surfaces.

House Paint Cost At The Local Ironmongers

Dont forget the little ironmongers just down the road from you. You can often get paint in smaller quantities. I'm often surprised to see how competitive their prices are too.

If you are painting indoors be careful with carpets and floors in general. Use dustsheets for protection. Newspaper is also ideal if you are painting just the walls.

If you can, move all the chairs and tables into the middle of the room and cover with a dustsheet.

Remove curtains, lampshades, and door furniture and replace afterwards. Use rubbish bags for used paint tins and wallpaper and remove from the house.


Think carefully about what paint you want. Small rooms can look larger by using lighter paints such as white or - dare I say – magnolia. In fact one of my last jobs used magnolia through out. The owner invited some friends around to help her decide and they all recommended magnolia. The customer was very happy with the finished job.

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